HAL is community-driven and as such the roadmap constantly evolves to reflect the users needs and contributions. You can find a list of planned issues and feature requests in our issue tracker, but this page is a good starting point to see where we are going.


For the next releases we want to expose new features added to the various subsystems. This is an excerpt of issues we’re currently working on:

  • HAL-1614: Opt-out local storage usage
  • HAL-1609: Configure new / enhanced password mappers
  • HAL-1608: Configure enable-amq1-prefix attribute
  • HAL-1607: Configure HotRod session manager in distributable-web subsystem
  • HAL-1605: Provide configuration for new web session clustering subsystem
  • HAL-1604: Make journal-file-open-timeout attribute configurable for messaging server resource
  • HAL-1603: Configure messaging clusters behind http load balancers
  • HAL-1601: Expose new named-formatter attribute on the syslog-handler resource
  • HAL-1600: Expose ability to configure the JSON encoded access logs

For more details take a look at the list of bugs, enhancements and feature requests. We’re always happy for you to step in and contribute in any way.


Beyond that we’ve identified some major enhancements and topics we’d like to work on:

  • Evolve JavaScript API
  • Finalize Dynamic JavaScript Extensions
  • Enhance Macro Recording
  • More Monitoring
  • Support for OpenShift

Please get in touch if you think anything important is missing on the roadmap.