This section provides a quick start guide, documentation how to use the console and general information like a contribution guidelines and the roadmap of the console.

Get Started

Describes how to get started quickly. Shows alternative ways to launch and use the console.

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Basic Concepts

Describes the most important concepts in HAL from the user’s point of view. Explains the basic UI components and how they are used.

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Contains the end user documentation. Touches the top level categories of the console, shows how to use them and explains the features behind each section.

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Recipes & How To

Talks about common tasks like adding a data source or deploying an application. Gives detailed instructions how to solve them and describes the concepts involved.

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Describes how to get in touch with us and file issues. Shows how to fork the GitHub repository and build the console. Gives instructions how to submit pull requests and contribute to the console.

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Describes the roadmap and what is planned for the upcoming HAL releases.

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